Our highly skilled, licensed carpenters specialize in decks only and can help you with all your deck needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing deck to composite decking and PVC railings, expanding, or building a new deck with a different design. If you are planning on changing the layout we will work with you and our architects to get the proper drawings/plans. This way not only will you get the exact layout and design you want, but it will also ensure your new deck is built correctly and up to code.

First thing is proper concrete footings for safety and longevity of your deck, All concrete footings will be dug 4 Feet deep and pored in 10 inch round sonotubes.

The frame of your deck will be built with pressure treated lumber and bolted to your house sill through every bay. All necessary hardware and fasteners properly mounted and secured.

Next we install the composite decking with many different finishes and colors to choose from. Plus an option of a no show screw hardware system for a more smooth and low profile look.

Then we install PVC post covers on all railing posts with base trim and cap, followed by a premium PVC railing system of your choice. We also offer a complete finished look with PVC trim boards and privacy lattice.



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