Pro Tech has an expert team of GAF certified installers that specialize in roofing only. We use CertainTeed architectural shingles and Weatherguard underlayment system with a lifetime guarantee. CertainTeed has a wide variety of name brand lines with many options to choose including style/design and color/shading.

We begin by removing all existing roof shingles. Older homes can have as many as 3 or 4 layers of shingles previously installed.

Once everything has been stripped off your roof we can inspect entire roof deck for any soft, damaged, or rotted areas and replace them with new plywood decking.

We install a pro grade ice & water vapor barrier on entire roof deck (Building code only requires 3 feet up from the edge giving you the absolute best protection against the New England elements such as snow and ice dams.

We install a pro grade drip edge around the eaves and rakes on entire roof. We replace all existing pipe boots and collars around exhaust pipes, as well as a hurricane rated 130 mph wind resident starter strip around all edges of roof. Now we can install your shingles and cut out ridges for proper venting so we can install a CertainTeed filtered ridge vent across your entire roof.

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